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  • Fixed fee rates.

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Locked out? Or do you need your locks changed or fixed right now?  Our locksmith is in Bristol right now, and waiting for your call.

For a free quote and discussion with our friendly professional locksmith, call Kirk on 07883 448 936.

  • No call out charge.
  • Available 24 hours a day.
  • Fast response- Normally 15-30 minutes.
  • Fixed fee rates.

Why Trust our Bristol Locksmith?

Kirk has an obsession with being extremely quick, which is pretty ironic because he is actually quite large, and very slow. For you, it means he sprints to his van the second he hears your cry for help. (We named this site “emergency locksmith Bristol” for a reason!)

But it’s not just his speed that makes him a great locksmith. He goes above and beyond to make sure you are completely happy with his services. He has never had a complaint or problem with any of his work. He was trained by the best, and it reflects in his workmanship.

The fact that this is a small business means that we have extremely low overheads, giving us more room to lower our prices. We don’t have to hire staff, and when you ring you go straight through to Kirk. If you do manage to find a cheaper quote from anywhere else, we will do our best to match it anyway.


What Services Does Our Emergency Locksmith In Bristol Offer?

  • 24hr Emergency door opening.
  • Lock repair and replacement.
  • UPVC Door Specialist.
  • Locks fitted to BS3621
  • Locks are CRB checked.

Kirk’s emergency 24 hour locksmith service is reliable, fully qualified and insured. He is proud to be known as the “fastest locksmith in Bristol” by anyone that uses his services. You can ring him on 07883 448 936 for a no-obligation chat. You can discuss your problem with Kirk, and he will sum up the situation, and give you a quote.


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Areas covered include: Arnos Vale, Ashley, Ashley Down, Ashton Vale, Avonmouth, Baptist Mills, Barrs Court, Barton Hill, Bedminster, Bedminster Down, Bishopston, Bishopsworth, Blaise Hamlet, Botany Bay, Bower Ashton, Bradley Stoke, Brentry, Brislington, Brislington East, Brislington West, Bristol city centre, Broadmead, Broomhill, Burchells Green, Cabot, Canons Marsh, Catbrain, Chester Park, Chipping Sodbury, Clay Hill, Clifton, Clifton East, Coombe Dingle, Easton, Horfield, Hotwells, Kensington Park, Kingsdown, Kingsweston, Kingswood, Knowle, Knowle West, Lawrence Hill, Lawrence Weston, Leigh Woods, Lewin’s Mead, Lockleaze, Lockleaze, Lodge Hill, Longwell Green, Mangotsfield, Mayfield Park, Monks Park, Montpelier, Newtown, North Common, Oldland Common, Patchway, Redcliffe, Redland, Ridgeway, Rose Green, Sea Mills, Shirehampton, Sneyd Park, Southmead, Southville, Speedwell, Spike Island, St Agnes, St Andrews, St Annes, St George, St George East, St George West, St Pauls, St Philips Marsh, St Werburghs, Staple Hill, Stapleton, Stockwood, Stoke Gifford, Stokes Croft, Totterdown, Two Mile Hill, Tyndalls Park, Upper Knowle, Victoria Park, Warmley, Westbury on Trym, Westbury Park, Bristol, Whitchurch, Whitchurch Park, Whitehall, Whiteway, Wick, Willsbridge, Windmill Hill, Winterbourne, Withywood, Yate, BS1, BS10, BS11, BS13, BS14, BS15, BS16, BS2, BS20, BS21, BS22, BS23, BS24, BS25, BS26, BS27, BS28, BS29, BS3, BS30, BS31, BS32, BS34, BS35, BS36, BS37, BS39, BS4, BS40, BS41, BS48, BS49, BS5, BS6, BS7, BS8, BS80, BS9, BS98, BS99

5 Pointers About Kirk The Bristol Based Locksmith


1. Kirk is an adept and hardworking locksmith who offers high quality services in Bristol. He is a fully qualified and well skilled professional who provides lock repair and replacement works 24/7. He can be reached through the number 07883 448 936 and he will surely help meet all your needs. All his rates are fixed and he can provide you with a quote.

2. Kirk’s services are all exceptional and outstanding. He is a UPVS door specialist and a skilful lock smith who offer reliable repair jobs and emergency call out services. He has an extensive workmanship and he offers works for a reasonable price.


3. Kirk is an outstanding and fully competent locksmith who provides exceptional services in Bristol. If you have an emergency problem, you can ring him on 07883 448 936. He is a fully equipped individual who offers to do impressive works that will surely meet all your needs. His rates are all reasonable and he finishes the job quickly.


4. Kirk is a well trained and conscientious locksmith and door specialist who offers steadfast 24 hour lock services in Bristol. He provides his clients with high quality works that are all fixed and affordable. He also offers free quotes and he always finishes his works fast. You can contact him on 07883 448 936 for a no-obligation chat.


5. If you are looking for a proficient locksmith who offers 24/7 hour services and emergency call out works in Bristol, Kirk is here to do the job for you. He is a trusted and diligent professional who does high quality repair and replacement jobs all for an affordable price. If you have questions about your issue, you can contact him through 07883 448 936.   


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Random Information On Locksmiths Below



Locksmiths are trained, experienced and knowledgeable craftsmen ready to provide personalized and effective solutions to your specific needs. They perform great maneuvering and handling for different types of locks. Here’s a quick guide to give you a head start about the locks you usually see in your home and in commercial areas.

There are two kinds of locks: one with physical keys and one with electronic keys. I’m pretty sure you’re already classifying all the locks you’ve seen by now. The importance of knowing this would be to know which type of lock you need for a certain part of your home, window, cabinet or door. It’s about finding the one that would serve you best, for security, access control and emergency situations.

Types of locks with physical keys:

  • Warded lock uses wards as a set of obstruction to prevent the lock from opening until the right key is used to unlock it.
  • Pin tumbler lock uses pins to prevent opening unless the correct key is used. This lock has grooves on both sides to limit movement and allow key entry until properly aligned.
  • Wafer tumbler lock functions like a pin tumbler lock except that this has only one pin.
  • Disc tumbler lock (Abloy lock) is comprised of slotted rotating detainer discs making it secure and impossible to pick.
  • Lever tumbler lock uses levers to prevent lock opening.

Types of electronic locks:

  • Keycard lock operates with a flat card that has a specific signature within the card to get the door to open
  • Smart lock is an electromechanics lock that functions like a smart phone. It comes with an instruction on how to lock and unlock a door from a specific device with an acryptographic key and wireless protocol.

Understanding the mechanisms of certain locks will give us a picture on how to handle and increase security in all our properties.  The needs will vary on several factors like having kids, distance of windows from the doors, time and efficiency may play a big part too. You just have to figure out what type would be more beneficial to you. You can get additional information and personalized recommendations from experienced locksmiths as well.


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Various Locksmith Roles

There are tons of professions being pursued and recognized in the world today and unfortunately, being a locksmith isn’t quite one of them. However, people recognize its utmost importance in simple yet critical occurrences in life. But do we really know what locksmiths do? Locksmiths are capable of installing, repairing and replacing various locks and security devices in residential, commercial and industrial properties. They can also produce a copy of your keys in case you lost them or someone stole them from you. Apparently, there are three types: emergency locksmiths, residential and commercial locksmiths and lastly, automobile locksmiths. Apart from knowing their roles, let’s find out about the specializations in this field.


Sometimes being in a fast-paced world has disadvantages like locking yourself out of your apartment, business office or worse, your car. And most of the time, this happens on days where you’re rushing to work, running after a deadline or scheduled for a very important appointment. For crucial moments like these, a skilled, efficient and reliable locksmith is mandatory. Good news, Bristol has an experienced locksmith ready to give you effective, efficient and personalized solutions. He is the person to call for emergency lockouts. He comes prepared and equipped with knowledge on various residential and commercial locks and keys sparing you more time to spend on more important tasks for the day. He gives free quotes and estimates and is available 24/7. Get affordable and reliable emergency locksmith services from Kirk.


There is nothing more important than having a safe environment to live in. Security is vital and essential for families. Therefore installing, replacing and repairing vaults and locks in your home is a must. But what happens when safety is breached? An immediate need arises. That’s where residential locksmiths come in. They specialize in servicing homes, from changing, installing, replacing locks and duplicating keys, they also have the power to create peepholes to add security and comfort in knowing who’s behind the door.

And as for our entrepreneurs and businessmen, a secured office is extremely important to protect assets and valuable information to keep the business going. There are commercial locksmiths available to offer customize and suitable security solutions for each uniquely-built space. High-end security vaults, locks and access control systems are now in the market and are ready for purchasing. Experienced locksmiths are there to help you decide the perfect location to put the security devices.


As I’ve mentioned earlier, one of the worst scenarios you’d have to deal with is leaving the keys and locking yourself out of the car. It’s a difficult situation to be in especially if the engine is turned on and you happen to be in a quite congested location. That’s why automobile locksmiths exist. They are there to figure out how to get inside the car or how to maneuver your automobile’s locks to have them opened and ready for replacement or duplication.

Now that you know the differece between emergency locksmiths, residential and commercial locksmiths and automobile locksmiths,  the next time you have a need to call them you’ll know what type of person and service you’ll be needing.



We call reliable locksmiths to help us with security issues, whether it is for replacing or installing new locks or simply helping us reproduce another car key to retrieve control. But let’s not forget the value of getting legit, safe and reliable locksmith services. There are hundreds of listings available but only a few are legit and are capable of providing quality work especially on emergencies.

Here are some things to remember when hiring a reliable locksmith:

  1. Check their credibility through the address and other contact information in their listing for validation purposes
  2. Know the importance of asking proof for identification and a license to work if applicable for your safety
  3. Get an initial and comprehensive estimate of all the equipment and services to be performed including additional fees that may apply for smooth transactions
  4. Check the locksmith’s insurance in case of property damage during the transaction
  5. Don’t forget to ask for a detailed invoice stating the total amount of labor, replacement parts and price of the service call for reference

The relief of getting your car keys back or having your home keys and locks replaced is overwhelming. Thanks to reliable locksmiths, we are able to spare precious time from worrying over lockout problems. Once a solution is given for your locksmith needs, store and keep the professional’s details in case you might need their services next time.


This Emergency Locksmith in Bristol




In a competitive industry, one must know how to broaden and go beyond his achievements to be among the cream of the crop. For locksmiths, obtaining a license is a start. Getting relevant experience and training in different fields is a plus. But for some who wants to boost their credibility and likeability to be hired faster and more frequently, they opt to sign up as a bonded locksmith.

A bonded locksmith is usually preferred by customers simply because of the added coverage of protection and assurance of their services. The guarantee given by the insurance and bonding company gives an added ease to customers. But how does one become a bonded locksmith?

  • Research and contact the licensing bureau in your location.
  • Find a bonding or insurance agency that you want to be associated with
  • Fill out and complete the appropriate paperwork and requirements
  • Give and sign permissions for the agency or company to gather and verify information about you
  • Prepare for a comprehensive background check to assure them of your trustworthiness
  • Some of the agencies also do a credit check to check your financial stability
  • Be prepared with a comprehensive and strategic business plan for the agency to review
  • A locksmith certification may sometimes be required as proof of experience

The process may take awhile to accomplish but the effort to be one would surely pay off in the future. There are tons of customers who’d be willing to pay good money in exchange of credible, secure and quality locksmith services. Expand your horizons and consider the option of being one of the skilled and experienced bonded locksmiths in your area.




We all have our fair share of experience of locking ourselves out of the office, house or car. And who do we call? Licensed locksmiths. Yes, the word licensed brings us ease and comfort knowing the person we called knows what he’s doing. And that means faster and more efficient solutions for our problems. However, there’s something about bonded locksmiths that makes them another good choice. But do we know the advantages we could get for hiring a bonded locksmith? Let me tell you more about them.


What is a bonded locksmith? What makes a bonded locksmith different from a licensed locksmith? First of all, when we say bond, we usually mean a professional being tied with a reputable insurance or bonding company. Which means, for customers, reliability and accountability in case anything undesirable happens is higher as to hiring one without a bond. For some, hiring a bonded locksmith is a better option. Let’s find out why.



How does one become a licensed locksmith? First, they have to take and pass an exam approved by the state. And of course, they have to undergo a background check before obtaining a license. Professional training is not usually required because of the on-the-job training they go through.



For bonded locksmiths, they go through the same process as a licensed locksmith does. However, the extent of knowledge and training would be greater because they have to find a bonding or insurance company to work with. The role of that company would be to underwrite the professional under their coverage. Meaning, the company is guaranteeing the credibility of his work in all aspects.

Looking at the difference between the two, an added protection and assurance for customers can be obtained by hiring bonded locksmiths. In case of unfinished work or back jobs, bonded locksmiths are easier to call and reach as well. Hiring licensed locksmiths is a good option as well. They have the same knowledge and certification to get the job done. Convenience and security comes first, knowing general knowledge about the two will be of great help in making good choices.



Because of the uprising numbers of locksmiths available in Google, Yellow pages and other website listings, it has become fairly difficult for customers to know whether a certain service or professional is reliable especially in urgent situations where certain services are only needed for one session. Take for example locksmith services. You might need them in desperate situations such as lockouts. It is vital to be aware of the possible signs of scamming for you to save yourself and protect security from being breached. Here are some signs that might indicate a possible scam.

  • Most of the companies or even solo proprietors use a marked vehicle during business transactions. A locksmith arriving in an unmarked vehicle may be a bit leery.
  • The most important action to take before having any work done is to ask for identification. Having no proof of identification may be a sign of danger and risk to you.
  • It is practical and essential to get an initial estimate for the service and the materials to be used before contracting a locksmith. There might be additional charges for service calls and mileage that you have to inquire about too. A locksmith that charges you for an amount that is extremely higher than the quoted estimate indicates that something is extremely wrong. Try to ask for a breakdown or an itemized invoice every after a transaction.
  • Professionalism and courtesy is of utmost importance in doing business in all circumstance. It is unusual for a locksmith to try and bully, extort or intimidate you in any way.
  • There are numerous ways of paying services. Usually, payment options are leaned towards the convenience of both sides but usually more on the customer. It is uncommon for a locksmith to ask cash for an upfront payment.

Some of the mentioned situations may apply to legit transactions however; having most on the list may be a bit suspicious for a regular and proper transaction. There is nothing wrong with being cautious at all times. If you ever become a victim of a scam, don’t forget to file a complaint or let the proper company know about the incident.



Planning on taking a locksmith training program? I bet you’re wondering what type of skills are waiting for you to unfold. There are numerous ways on how to learn the fundamentals of the trade. You can take them by apprenticeship, community courses, vocational courses or even college degrees. Either way, those are effective sources of relevant knowledge. Now let’s go over the basics of a locksmith training program.


This is probably one of the clichés associated with the word “locksmith”. This is the most commonly acquired service. They are taught how to pick locks regardless of the make or model making it easy for them to provide solutions for lockouts.


Proper manipulation and maneuvering of the key cutting machine is required for every locksmith. They are trained to create and properly cut a duplicate of different key models. By the end off the training, they will be able to create copies for:

  • House keys
  • Master keys
  • Zeiss keys
  • Car keys
  • Skeleton keys
  • Double-sided keys
  • Paracentric keys


Basic knowledge on different lock types and models will be given making it easier to service and install almost any type of lock available. Though there are various innovations in the industry today, therefore, additional information and updating is needed if you want to know about the new items in the market.

These are just some of the basics that one has to learn for prospective locksmiths. Each location may have a different curriculum or method in facilitating how these skills are learned. Nonetheless, every locksmith training will have these skills included in their program.

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—UPVC Door and Window Lock Repair—

Won’t your door or window, lock? Do you have keys that do not go all the way in or will not turn? Is your door or window lock damaged or broken?

So many questions and so much more stress to face. But why do you waste your time finding out the answer to those questions when we already have right man for you?

Here at Emergency Locksmith Bristol, we have a UPVC lock specialist who will not just answer your questions, but solve those lock problems for you.

Give us a ring at 07883 448 936 and our headman Kirk Jarrett will answer your call right away and get those locks fixed in no time. With a no call out charge and 24-hour availability, you will get more than what you think you are paying for.

Kirk’s performance as a top locksmith in Bristol has given him a reputation nobody has ever questioned. He has never turned any of his client’s down. He is fast, reliable, and very professional. Make sure to have Kirk’s number handy. You never know when you will need his help.

—Open That Door! —
I know it can get hard sometimes when you get locked out from your room realizing you forgot the keys somewhere. Life can get a bit tiring and overwhelming when we never really know what all sorts of emergency we can get in life.

The good thing here in Bristol, if you’re in a hurry and you need a quick solution to that unopened door, you are always sure to get help with our 24 hour on call locksmith expert, Kirk Jarrett at 07883 448 936. Whether in the middle of the night or in the heat of the noon day sun, Kirk will surely drop whatever it is he is doing and will get to you in no time.
His services are without any call charge and his fee rates are always fixed.

If you want more information about our services and would want to hear personally from Kirk for a free quote and discussion, then go ahead and give our man a call at 07883 448 936.

— Lock Repair—
Broken and damaged keys? Locked out from your home?

You never know when you will need help. You never know when you might need an expert locksmith. And when it happens, you might realize yourself spending and wasting your time checking a long list of self-professed locksmiths on the web. And you do not know who might just really help you out or who might just waste your time. Now if it happens and there is no internet available for you to search on, what are you going to do? Will you call 911 for that?

It is better to be ready before you realize you need one. Here at Emergency Locksmith Bristol, you are not just promised a 24 hour locksmith service, but we offer you a fully qualified, reliable and ensured locksmith expert. So go ahead and jot down Kirk’s number at 07883 448 936. In Bristol, we are proud to say that he is best known as the ‘fastest locksmith’ by those who have been offered his services.

You will never go wrong with Emergency Locksmith Bristol. Be certain to have Kirk’s number accessible. Who knows when you might need his assistance?

—Lock Replacement—
Are you new in Bristol? Are you looking for a lock expert who can give you a hand in changing and selecting the most secured lock for your new found home? Then you will never go wrong with Emergency Locksmiths Bristol. We are your best option! With a no call out charge and 24-hour availability, we are sure to give you a fast response with absolutely fixed fee rates.

Since it is a new home that you are into, then it is a good idea to change those locks. Who knows who got copies of the keys used before right? You might think and wonder why spend if you can be more practical by just buying your own locks and doing it your own way, right? But let me ask you this, would you risk your family’s security just so you could ‘save’ and be ‘practical’? Here is the deal, our licensed locksmith Kirk can definitely help you out.

He is knowledgeable, quick and smart! He is the expert you never thought you needed! Give him a call now at 07883 448 936 and allow him to showcase his professional locksmith expertise and give you the best options for the most ideal locks for you.